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Interactive area is a virtual site where Fundación Wiener lab offers on-line courses, related to the profession of biochemistry and other health sciences.


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What do Fundación Wiener lab’s online courses consist of?
Over the past few years, Fundación Wiener lab has offered on-line courses in Spanish for all of those professionals or clinical laboratory technicians who have an internet connection. These online courses are given by prestigious professionals. You can view the available online courses for this year, here. (se puede linkear?)


How are online courses organized?
Normally a course is organized by “Lessons” and “Exams”. The lessons are under the corresponding course, and they can be accessed on the day the course begins. The teacher can decide if the exams can be accessed on the same day or not, and whether the students are allowed to take the second section of the course if they do not pass the first one.
The exams are taken online and they usually consist of a multiple choice questionnaire. The questions can be answered in one session o several, but it is essential not to send the form until all the questions have been answered. When it is send, the text is automatically graded.
The teacher can also add a forum to discuss a subject, schedule a chat session where he or she can answer questions online for a certain period of time, or have the students write essays and grade them.
The students can look at their peers’ profiles and send each other questions using the private messaging system. The usual thing to do, however, is to use the different forums to ask questions.


How do I find out about the courses Fundación Wiener lab offers?
Fundación Wiener lab informs through this website about the upcoming courses.


How do I sign up for one of Fundación Wiener lab.’s courses?
Registrations for the courses are made through this web site, by making a one-time sign up in the “Interactive” section. Once you have completed that registration, you can proceed to sign up for the course you are interested in.


I have already signed up for a different course in “Interactive”. Can I use the same password to sign up for a new course, or for an online course?


What are the requirements for signing up?
To sing up you must be a graduated professional, technician or a senior year student from the corresponding career.


Do I get a certificate if I take an online course?
Certificates of approval are only given if the student passes the corresponding exams. Each course may have a different system of grading. The certificates are issued through the web site where the course is given. A few days after the final exam is taken (normally between 7 and 14 days) the certificate will be available for those students who passed the course.


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