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Call for teachers

Fundación Wiener lab. calls Latin American university teachers to generate new educational content and oversee online courses.

The areas of interest are those specific to the clinical analysis laboratory professionals. The main goal is to promote practical, high quality knowledge to the most distant places in Spanish-speaking countries.




Modality of Courses

  1. Courses should have a duration of approximately 4 weeks and be divided into four sections, one section per week. Should the duration of the course be longer, it can be divided into several correlated courses, making it mandatory to pass a course in order to be able to take the following one.

  2. Courses can be made with the author’s original material and reading material, that can be multimedia, since the courses’ software platform allows this modality without further inconvenience.

  3. Normally, the original material consists of 50 A4 pages per section, though this is purely illustrative and depends on the teacher.

  4. Each section has a multiple choice self evaluation questionnaire that must also be prepared by the teacher. The exam is shown to the students at the end of each course and it is automatically graded by the system. The grades the student obtains in each section are averaged with the final exam to obtain the final grade. The grade needed to pass depends on the teacher’s criteria; if the student reaches said grade, the system automatically generates a certificate of approval.

  5. During the “screening” of the course, the teacher participates in forums where the students’ doubts are clarified. There are also other interaction tools available, such as chat rooms scheduled by the teacher.

  6. Although Fundación Wiener lab. is a nonprofit entity, and the courses are free for professionals, the rights to the course will be bought exclusively. The teacher will also receive an economic compensation each time the course is given.

  7. The selected teachers will be trained to perform sufficiently in this learning modality.


How to Proceed

  1. E-mail your Curriculum Vitae and title of the course along with an index. The data will be evaluated by Fundación Wiener lab.’s Scientific Committee, who will select those of greater interest for the year.

  2. The material we receive will be treated as confidential and must be sent to the coordinator of Fundación Wiener lab, Dr. Rafael Rey Fernández (E-mail: Do not forget to include a contact number. Further consultations will be attended to through the previous e-mail address.

More information on Fundación Wiener lab.’s online courses
*At the moment we offer four courses, each given once a year
*We started giving courses in 2007; so far, Fundación Wiener lab. has registered around 4000 students.
*The amount of students per course ranges between 400 and 1200.
*The students are from Argentina and the rest of Spanish speaking countries.
*There are students in the most remote places; from 4500 meters high mining camps to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. All there is needed is an internet connection.
*There are allegedly over six million homes with an internet connection in Argentina. With some variations, the proportion is the same in the rest of America. Education through this tool is growing exponentially and, in very few years, it will be an essential complement to every teaching method.