Serving biochemistry for the health of mankind








A profound commitment for the study of Clinical Biochemistry and for their related disciplines has been the scientific and philosophical bases of a history of achievements for our company, Wiener Laboratorios SAIC.

For that reason, and with the purpose of contributing with the development and spreading the advances in Biochemical Sciences, Fundación Wiener lab was created in 1984, with the main goal of supporting the generation and dissemination of health related knowledge within the area of Biochemistry.

In order to focus the efforts in those aspects that needed more encouragement and that would generate a global growth of the field, it was necessary to perform a previous analysis of the issues.  

With this goal set, by the end of 1984, a survey was conducted amongst professionals of the whole country, and the clear outcome was the need to further knowledge of certain subjects. 63% of the answers requested specialization courses.

Obviously, this was the chosen path, not only to meet the expectations of two thirds of those who participated on the survey, but also to benefit a larger number of professionals throughout the country.

It was in this way that we began offering update courses with the most requested topics, which kept diversifying in time upon the requests, giving response to the changes and new needs in this area.

All of this was possible thanks to the work of the Scientific Committee of Fundación Wiener lab., composed by five distinguished professionals (two chairman and four members)

It also counts with the cooperation of the regional advisers who integrate the Regional Consultants Committee.

Since the year 2000 Fundación Wiener lab. decided to award a commemorative medal to the best Biochemestry graduated student in the country, a recognition that will be institutionalized.

The aforementioned is a brief summary of the history of this original initiative in our country, which was developed without imitating any models.

Nowadays, new ways to innovate and improve what has been done are being studied.