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Fundación Wiener lab. Award


Fundación Wiener lab has amongst its goals to encourage university activities.




Since the year 2000, Fundación wiener lab’s Scientific Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors, and in order to make an example out of the best and encourage future graduates, decided to grant each year an acknowledgment to the best academic performance in Biochemistry in every university in the country.

The award consists of a gold medal together with a diploma, awarded during graduation ceremonies, as a reminder of the graduate’s academic achievements. 

Nowadays, this award is also granted in the Schools of Biochemistry and/or equivalent academic studies of those Latin American countries that have been incorporated to our institution.



2010 Awards

  • Federico Ampuero - Universidad J. A. Maza (Mendoza)

  • Sergio Silvestre Saucedo - Universidad Autónoma “Gabriel René Moreno” (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia) 

  • Natalia Andersen - Universidad Nacional del Sur (Bahía Blanca)

  • Lorena López Doriani - Universidad Nacional de Misiones (Posadas)

  • José Luis Arias - Universidad Nacional de San Luis (San Luis)

  • Noelia Posella - Universidad Nacional de Rosario

  • Silvia Messina - Universidad de Morón (Buenos Aires)