Serving biochemistry for the health of mankind


Fundación Wiener lab. was conceived by the president and founder of Wiener Laboratorios SAIC, Dr. Miguel Leopoldo Rojkín.

Below, is the first release of Fundación Wiener lab., issued on June, 1984, which outlines the functions and the vision of the organization.



Dear colleague:

A profound commitment for the study of Clinical Biochemistry and for their related disciplines has been the scientific and philosophical bases of a history of achievements for our company
Moreover, Wiener lab. has always acknowledged the humanitarian work of many professionals who, from their places of research and work, permanently contribute with health, in its broader sense.

The respect for those who immerse themselves in the Biochemical practice, without losing sight of the society that benefits from the outcome of their professional work, has always been present in our spirit.

For that reason, and with the purpose of contributing with the development and spreading the advances in Biochemical Sciences, Fundación Wiener lab was created in 1984. Following is our first release, communicating our goals



Dr. Miguel L. Rojkín